Conference on Electrical Power Equipment Diagnostics (CEPED) 

1 - 4  Feb 2021

9:30am - 5:00pm (IST)

Registration close date:  25th January 2021

Conference on Electrical Power Equipment Diagnostics (CEPED)

1 - 4  February 2021|9:30 am - 5:00 pm (IST)


If generators are considered the heart of a supply system, then transformers can be considered the muscles, transmission and distribution lines the arteries and veins, while circuit breakers, together with protection and control systems, are the nervous system. Just as our bodies grow and mature and then gradually decline, so do these key aspects of the power supply system. When we visit a doctor for an annual check-up, we are keen for him to use the latest technology and knowledge to identify any existing problems or future risks with our health. Similarly, a wise engineer will take this approach to perform advanced diagnostic measurements with deepened knowledge to properly interpret the results  to reliably determine the health of power supply system and assets, increasing reliability while minimizing capital costs.

We bring you this online platform to share experts knowledge and news about the advanced and innovative diagnostic and testing solutions, via this unique 4-day virtual “Conference on Electrical Power Equipment Diagnostics (CEPED)”. We shall focus on Substation Assets & Rotating Machine Testing & Diagnostics solutions with detailed technical explanations of the latest diagnostic techniques, both on-line and off-line, with the supporting knowledge and examples of recent case histories to substantiate the benefits of these approaches, alongside live demonstration sessions for in-depth understanding.

The following assets will be discussed during this 4-day conference. 

  • Power Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Transmission lines, Underground Cables
  • Rotating Machines

Why Attend?

  • An online event beyond just presentations
  • Learn latest testing & diagnostics techniques from industry experts with case studies
  • Experience live demonstration on Power Transformer & Rotating Machines
  • Live and interactive virtual event
  • Q&A / Panel discussion with industry experts



The agenda will include below topics :

1st Feb 2021

  • Overview of various Electrical Diagnostic tests
  • Advanced Diagnostic tests on Power Transformers (Short circuit impedance, FRSL)
  • Capacitance & Dissipation Factor measurements
  • Variable Frequency measurement for High Voltage bushing diagnosis
  • Moisture- Source, risks and measurement by Dielectric Frequency Response method
  • On-site Partial Discharge testing on Power Transformers

2nd Feb 2021

  • Condition assessment of OLTC
  • Transformer fault diagnosis by Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
  • Panel Discussion
  • Live Demonstration of Diagnostic tests on Power Transformer

3rd Feb 2021

  • Instrument transformers- accuracy tests
  • Power quality aspects – measurement technology overview and analysis strategy
  • Systematic approach to Circuit breaker fault analysis
  • Transmission Line Impedance measurement with case studies
  • Under ground cable testing of High Voltage cables with case studies
  • Ground Impedance, Step/Touch potential measurements

4th Feb 2021

  • Introduction to Rotating machines
  • Partial Discharge measurement on Rotating machines
  • Experience sharing- Partial Discharge monitoring with case studies
  • Stator core fault detection and other electrical tests on stator/rotor
  • Live Demo on Tan delta/ PD/Core Imperfection test on Rotating machines


*The event program is subject to change without prior notice.


The registration fees for 4-day conference is EUR110 / INR 10,000 (Incl. Tax)

However, if you are interested to only attend Substation Assets / Rotating Machines Testing & Diagnostics the registration charges are:

1-3 Feb 2021 - Substation Assets Testing & Diagnostics: EUR 88 / INR 8000 (Including Tax)

4 Feb 2021 - Rotating Machines Testing & Diagnostics: EUR 55 / INR 5000 (Including Tax)

The registration will close on 25 January 2021.


Mode of delivery

This session will be delivered online by Cisco WebEx Event software. Upon successful registration and receipt of registration fee, you will receive the joining information. The delegate will be able to join the sessions with their desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Please feel free to contact for any enquires

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