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2nd Annual
Western Interactive Technical Seminar (WITS)

Special Live Virtual Event
August 23 - 25, 2022
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)

The Western Interactive Technical Seminar (WITS) is the Quick Start Guide for your favorite OMICRON product.

WITS is a collection of Quick Start Guides ideal for you and your colleagues interested in learning more about digital
(IEC 61850) substations. In this event, you will get up-close and personal with actual equipment. You will be able to interact with live instructors showing you exactly which software to use and which button to push and receive hands-on, step-by-step instruction from industry experts on how to get your job done safely and quickly. There will be an opportunity to network with peers in your area who are facing similar challenges.

Each session is about a half-day in length. The sessions include an extended Q&A and a bonus discussion session devoted entirely to addressing any audience's requested topics. The Q&A and bonus session will be addressed and answered by a panel of OMICRON application engineers and industry experts.

2022 Topics: Coming Soon! 

2021 Products Topics covered:


  • Introduction to IEC 61850 Fundamentals
  • IEC 61850 Network Design and Performance Assessment
  • Introduction to IEC 61850 Cybersecurity and Intrusion Detection
  • IEC 61850 Protection Testing


  • CMC 356 (with emphasis on IEC 61850 modules)
  • IEDScout
  • StationScout
  • DANEO 400
  • StationGuard

You can attend everything to get a sampler of all the solutions OMICRON has to offer. Alternatively, you can pick and choose just the Quick Start Guide you want. A supplemental handout summarizing important concepts will be provided to all participants.

Who Should Attend

  • Field Engineers and Technicians
  • Commissioning Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • OT Network Designers
  • Protective Relay Testers



2022 Agenda: Coming Soon!

2021 Agenda:



2022 Speakers: Coming Soon!

2021 Speakers: