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A Primer on Current Transformer Testing and Diagnostics

April 20th - 22nd, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Central Time

Live Virtual Event - Only 90 minutes long! 
A one-day interactive event, choose which day works best for you. Seats are limited to 16 attendees per day.

OMICRON’s “A Primer on Current Transformer Testing and Diagnostics” is designed to provide the essential information needed to assess the condition of your current transformer assets. In this 90 minute comprehensive webinar, participants will learn essential current transformer theory, test methods, and data analysis strategies, including the most up to date techniques and practices that can be applied to current transformer testing. A virtual hands-on format will be used to demonstrate a practical field testing experience with our CT Analyzer. This will include a special focus on testing bushing CTs such as in Transformers or Circuit Breakers, as well as unmounted CTs, live from the OMICRON Academy.

A supplemental handout summarizing important concepts for CT Testing and diagnostic with our CT Analyzer will be provided to all participants.

This webinar is adequate for all levels of expertise and will consist of 4 components.

  1. Introduction to Current Transformers
  2. Performing CT Measurements
  3. Analysis and Interpretation of CT Results
  4. Hands-on CT Testing